I’ll miss this?

I am up early this morning making The Mister sausage gravy and biscuits. I will not remind him that this is not good for his cholesterol, or that we are supposed to be watching our carbs. I will smile as he eats them and tells me, ” this is the best gravy you have ever made. You sure can cook.” because I know it’s not true. I’m a sub par cook at best, but I can make decent gravy.

I listen to the radio as I stir the gravy and let a cool September breeze blow through the open kitchen window. Trace Adkins is telling a busy mama how she’s “gonna miss this.” how she’s “gonna want this back. It’s hard to believe it now, but these are the good times.” I let myself hum the tune and realize that maybe, Mr. Adkins is actually talking to me. Me, the woman that has wished this stressful year to be over. Me, the woman who has spent countless hours quizzing The Mister and complained about the lack of time for running. Me, the woman who no longer does much at church except show up every now and again. I’m gonna miss this? Guess again Mr. Adkins. I will not miss this!

What in the world would I possible miss about this last year?

Marathon weekend study sessions……

Waiting on pins and needles on a Monday morning for The Mister to text me his test grades and laughing because it’s another B and finally letting my breath out……

Listening to Baby Girl and her Boy laugh and waiting on 11 o’ clock to come so The Mister can tell him it’s time to go home……

Watching Big Girl learn how to cook for her Big Boy…………..

Realizing that I have nothing else to do, nothing more important than loving these people………….

Finally realizing that perhaps the greater work has been the one no one sees. Realizing that the greatest joy is found in seeing these beloved ones reach their goals. Knowing that family is a gift.

I stir the gravy. The Mister will be happy. I will not remind him about seconds, not today. I won’t count down days until we are done today. I won’t remind Baby Girl about college applications this afternoon. No, today I will only remind myself that….I’m gonna miss this, and believe it or not, I will wish this back. Thanks for the reminder Mr. Adkins.


One thought on “I’ll miss this?

  1. Stephanie,
    Thank you for this reminder. I could not wait for my children to get grown, but oh how I wish I had more time with them. Now they are so busy with their lives, I miss them. Yes, I do miss this.

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