When I preach to myself

Some folks place the progress of their spiritual journey in the hands of a minister who stands before them on any given Sunday morning. They depend on his words to guide them. I realized several years ago that if I want my journey to progress past my Sunday afternoon nap, I must preach to myself and often. While the words of a minister are good and important and even needed they don’t always do as good a job as when I preach to myself. But that is another post for another day.

This morning was just such a day when I needed a sermon, a good preaching to, perhaps even a trip to the woodshed as the old folks say. I did not sweet talk myself, nor did I try to reason through excuses. I was not gentle at all.

“Self, I said, you have got to get a grip on things.”

“Self, there is no excuse for your bad mood, for your willingness to just give up.”

I reminded my tired self that everyone else is tired too. I pointed out to my disappointed self that expectations breed disappointments and accepting things and people for who and what they are will help protect my heart. I sternly told myself that quitting was not an option, that I have been through harder times than this and I was being a baby. I told myself that this was just a season, a few days in the grand scheme of life and today is not forever.

A strong sermon for a Sunday morning run.

I rounded the corner to see a brilliant sunrise

photo (11)

In that moment, I slowed to a walk and God finished up the sermon in a flourish of a cool September breeze mixed with the bright morning sunshine across my face.

“Child, I am all you need, more than enough.”

And my alter was a well worn fence post.

The doxology was the geese overhead.

Sometimes you just need to preach to yourself.


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