Grace upon grace

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The week has been a bad one. Sometimes you struggle through. Sometimes you give in and let the weariness overtake you.
Sunday morning starts with a brilliant sunrise. Having given in to sleep for too many days to count, I force myself up and out the door. I am not disappointed. I should know by now that the early morning run will bring a wash of endorphins that will help me, if only for a few moments, numb the overwhelming tiredness. Is that what it is? Fatigue? It feels like deep down “bone tiredness” to me.

I run until I hear Him and this morning He only says “Grace upon grace”.  I run my mind through the familiar words of John 1:16. “….out of His fullness we have received grace upon grace…..”

Grace…..that finds me here, a woman in her forties, running a familiar well worn path on a Sunday morning, talking to her Creator, her Father, her dearest friend…all grace.

Grace…..that takes my heart that longs for so many things other than Him and wraps it in eternal bonds. Teaching my wandering heart to sing His praise when I so easily wander away….. all grace.

Grace……that brings me along in the completion of His plans. Plans that I would not choose but plans that bring about the greatest conformity to the Son……all grace.

And as I run, I am flooded with thoughts of grace upon grace. His fullness seems this morning like an endless supply of grace and it is.

In these moments, tears mix with sweat and praise has no words but only silent sobs….and I, the worst of all sinners, finds grace upon grace…….undeserved….perfectly fitting for a Sunday morning. I see Him freely shower me with His goodness in the form of sun that shines through the early morning clouds. He smiles at me in the warmth of a September sunrise. I slow to a walk and soak up the grace upon grace.


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