Almost there

It is the worst place to be….almost there. You can see the end. In fact if you are still and quiet for just a moment you can hear the roar of the crowd cheering. The flashes of red and blue are flags waving just over the finish line.  You can sense you are near, but there is still more of the race ahead.

The painful part.

The part where your knees ache and your throat demands a little water.

The part where your feet tell you, “No more! I’m through.”

This is the place where it is tempting to sit, for just a moment. But deep inside you know that sitting is quitting and chances are you will never get back up.

A shame to come so far then not finish.

Close enough sounds inviting now, but you will despise it one day when you realize how close you came.

Don’t look at the people beside you who have slowed to a walk.  Keep your eyes straight ahead.

Now is the time for your mantra, “I am strong. I can do this” or ” It’s just a hill, no big deal” or maybe “Won’t stop, can’t stop”

It may be a gimpy jog but keep putting one foot in front of the other.

You are so close you can taste the Gatorade…….

Keep going Mister, we are in the home stretch…..



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