Roots that go deep down

This Georgia summer has been like no other I can remember in recent years.  Nearly everyday of June and July brought rain and not the 4 o’clock summer shower variety. No, this summer we experienced entire weeks of a slow soaking rain. Not that I am complaining, I happen to love rainy weather. As a result we are officially out of drought and get daily flash flood warnings as the rain still continues.

Some of our trees out here have just toppled over. Completely saturated, the roots have just given up trying to hold on to the slippery earth and the entire tree has fallen. A victim of shallow roots. But not my favorite. My favorite tree lines the driveway and everyday for “good luck” or maybe because I have OCD and just feel compelled, I look at that pretty girl and tell her, “You sure are a pretty tree.” I imagine her roots tunnel down for a good long while. She is not content to just be pretty. She understand that the beauty of her magnificent leaves comes from the deep channels of underground springs. The red Georgia clay does not stop her. Years of diligent feeding on the earthy goodness of minerals have caused her roots to dig deeper, always longing for something richer and more satisfying that exist just beyond where her thirsty roots lie. So her roots, inch by inch, day by day, go just a little deeper. Small gains. Sometimes they stop for a bit just to soak up the goodness of nutrients, because these things cannot be rushed. When the goodness of the passage has been processed she stretches a little further to new ground. She does not fear these torrential rains. Her energy is focused on her roots. She never stops thinking about the goodness that is her foundation. She knows that the power is not in what others can see, the leaves that will begin to turn a brilliant yellow just a few weeks from now. The power is in the root system. Deep. Not because of a few weeks of digging. These roots are deep from daily feedings for years and years.

And so it is with us, the tender shoots from the Vine. The power does not lie in how much we accomplish or how busy we make ourselves. Don’t admire the flash of the autumn beauty. It’s not what you do, it’s where you are planted and how deep your roots go that will cause true growth.

“And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power…..” Eph. 3:17



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