On earth as it is in heaven

 I remember when I learned the Lord’s Prayer.  I was in second grade and we said it every morning after pledges.  As a seven year old, the only deep theological thoughts it stirred in me was thinking about how if things really were on earth as they were in heaven, I should be able to fly and there would absolutely be no math because there was little else I despised at that time more  than multiplication tables.

I still love the Lord’s Prayer. I’ll tell you a little secret, sometimes, at 3 AM when I’m fighting insomnia I say the beloved prayer in hopes it will lull me back to sleep. Sometimes I pray it when I really don’t know what else to pray.  Most recently, when I felt overwhelmed to pray for a dear friend who lost her son, I recited it. There is no magic in the words, but I believe there is power in them.  If the very Son of God used them to teach us how to pray, I’m sure they suffice when the heart is somehow too overwhelmed to form the words.

Today, in worship, actually as the rest of the place was singing and I was struggling with my own thoughts, I bowed my head and lets those powerful words wash over me. Like I have done a million times before, I asked Him to give me daily bread, to forgive me, to lead me far from the temptation that I was feeling in my heart at that moment, to be bitter, cynical, hateful…..

And I stopped for a while on these words…”Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

What if we really asked for His will to be done just like His every wish is followed in heaven?  In heaven this morning there was no debate, or waiting, no comparisons or jockeying for favored position next to the Son.  In heaven, there is worship all times in everyway. My thoughts are not relevant. My choices? Nonexistant.   In heaven this morning, no one was  thinking of the grocery list during announcements or scanning Facebook on their phone while pretending to search their online Bible.  There is no criticism of this or that church there. 

There is but one thing in heaven, endless praise and adoration of the Lamb and it brings His children indescribable joy. 

And this is His will for us here, on earth….. to enjoy Him. To close our eyes and allow our souls to open up loudly and strong in praise. His will is always for us to worship and adore Him. He needs nothing else from us.

And so I whisper to Him in a crowded room,” Let me worship you here like I will there.”

And it brings Him joy which He in turn lavishes out on me….astounding really. Astounding that He wants me to experience what  John tried in vain to describe.  But for a moment this morning, in worship I was there…. and it was on earth like I hope it will be in heaven.


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