Goodnight Thursday

You are usually my least favorite day. I like the dreaded “hump day” complete with the Geico camel wandering around my desk more than I like you Thursday. I greet you with a slap of the snooze alarm at least three times until the Mister asks, “Are you going to get up?” On Thursday morning that question irritates me. From there, the day is usually navigated in survival mode and over and over I think, “Tomorrow is Friday”.

But today has been quite different. I hardly recognized you. You seemed almost enjoyable, downright pleasant. You didn’t seem to “have it in for me” as per your usual priority.

Maybe it was the rainy ride to work with Baby Girl, swinging through McDonald’s ordering some coffee for me and a biscuit for her. We chatted about everything and nothing at all. I was thankful for your rain drops this morning.

Maybe it was the fact that The Mister was full of laughter and mischief. The weight of school is over even if just for a few weeks and he is his old self, teasing me and Baby Girl. I was thankful for your emptiness, no deadlines today.

Maybe it was an evening run,  home early enough to squeeze in a 3miler. I started out at dusk and finished just as The Mister was texting…” U OK?” I ran past the horses who looked at me, making out my shadow in the dark. The fireflies flash a goodnight. I round the corner and see the last slivers of orange race across the sky while whippowills start their nightly songs. I stop and walk. I soak up  the last of  this strange Thursday.

Why haven’t I noticed all your beauty before now? Has it been there all along and I haven’t noticed? I think you were just especially nice to me today, Thursday and for that small favor, I am grateful.

I stop and drink a sip of water out of the hose, just to feel like a kid again on a Thursday night. It’s then I notice you got the best of me, Thursday….mosquito bites begin their trail up my calves already I am itching. No Thursday is perfect, but this one came close.

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