Grace flows down and covers me

This morning, I sit in the stillness and quiet to read a few nuggets of Ephesians 1.  I am reading this passage along with some God-loving women who speak true wisdom into my life.  

I decide to read it from the Message. I love the word pictures that Eugene Patterson uses. I am visual person that absorb truths so much better when I “see” them. And so I learn to value of repeating David’s words in the Psalms “…. Open my eyes, so I can see wonderful things from Your Word…..”    

I sit quietly, not wanting to move too fast, to interrupt the flow of the Spirit. I read the passage once and stop.”…grace and peace poured into our lives by God our Father….”

I read it through again and this time I stop on every word and let the full weight of its meaning fill my mind.

“grace…….peace……poured into……by God……”

I read it again and this time I take each word in my hand. I look it over, turning it this way and that. I examine the  meanings as a I hold it up to the light of Gods brightness. The pink and red hues of “grace….and peace…” cast a scarlet shadow across my eyes and I sit in the warmth of knowing God’s grace and God’s peace are here on me… in this moment….

I close my eyes for another minute. I say the words that now do not need to be read from the page, but I emblazoned  in red script across my  mind… and I feel the first sprinkles.

They drop on my hands and the pages of my bible.  The drops are heavier now and begin to wet my face, or is that tears?  The more I think and  meditate on these words of “grace….and peace….” the heavier becomes the rain on me.

God’s grace and peace…….grace to forgive what is unforgivable…and the drops are now streams of water. Grace….to give me what I cannot deserve…..and the streams run over my head and my hair send rivets of water down the sides of my face. Grace….the promise of what awaits me…..not just in heaven, but the hope and future here, yet to be….and I cannot see because of the sheets of water that tumble over me.

Peace……you are where I want you child…..and the water creates a current that brings me out of my chair. Peace….I will complete the work I started in you and your family….and the water washes over me and I am floating now. Peace…..Nothing can take me out of His hand…..and I realize that this flood is from the Father’s hand.

”  Poured out from the Father…”  He will not shower me, He will not drizzle or sprinkle me. He creates a torrential downpour of grace and peace. He drowns me in His goodness everyday. I am helpless to stand under the power of a love that strong. Wash me away in your goodness Father, wash me away.


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