Crystal balls, psychics and the like

When I was eleven, I went to a slumber party and one of the girls there had brought a oijie board. Being a Baptist preacher’s daughter I was both horrified and fascinated by this contraption of the devil. As each girl took turns asking a question, I was mystified that this board seem to be able to tell the future.  When it was my turn, the fascination of finding out if I was destined to romance with Donny Moore, a brown haired boy in my science class was overwhelmed with fear as I pictured my mother warning me not to give the devil an open door into my mind.   I declined.  Turns out things didn’t turn out with me and Donny anyways.  I smile when I think about it now. The closest I ever came to having my future toll has been the occasional fortune cookie.  I won’t lie, I always wonder what really goes on in Madam Catherine’s inner sanctum. Do spirits really come visit?

I have perfected the art of assumption which is nearly as good as Madam Catherine. When I find myself worried over certain circumstances, both real and sometimes imagined, I will try to read my future. I don’t need tarot cards or a crystal ball. I just imagine “what if” or “…and then I will have to…” and from there I can imagine all sorts of terrible or worrisome outcomes. If you have ever had issues with anxiety or have a need for control, you may know exactly what I am talking about. You’ve done it yourself. If  you are happy-go-lucky and never worry, always optimistic, I’m sure you have no idea what I am talking about. I am quite sure however, that you have other psychological issues but that is for another post.

This morning, God gently reminded me that future telling is not part of my ministry. Instead of pointing out that psychics are all things Satan or at least dishonest at best, He just reminded me that He is already in my future, waiting on me to get there. Hebrews 4:16 is a beautiful passage.  He invited me to come talk to Him, boldly even, not timid or helpless, but full of confidence that He is in control. He then gave me a sweet promise that was powerful enough to shatter a crystal ball, or blow the tarot cards off of Madam Catherine’s table like dandelion seeds in the wind…..

…….We will find well-timed grace for every need…………….”

Breathtakingly beautiful. The Creator of the Future has carefully sculpted mine with every detail in place. With each event, He lavishes me with grace. Well timed, not a minute before I need and never a minute too late.
I will never have my fortune read by Madam Catherine. I don’t ever read my horoscope. I really don’t want to know what tomorrow brings. He has promised well-timed grace for every future plan He has crafted for me. I am loved.


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