No winners, no not one

In some battles there are no winners. There may only be one man left standing but surviving and winning are two very different things. Sometimes we have no choice to fight, but we wonder at the battle what the prize really is. As we drop our swords and lay on the ground, a bloody mess, it doesn’t feel like we have won anything.

When a marriage end after a decade of blood sweat and tears and two people who used to love each other walk away down separate paths, battered and bruised from the months or years of battling with words  and isolation, who wins?

When a war ends that pitted brother against brother, when crops and homes and children are casualties of a war that cannot be called civil, but instead is uncivil, disastrous and horrific who wins?

When a woman chooses freedom and a baby is handed death, when she walks the rest of her days with the shadow of someone she never knew, but can never forget, who wins?

When a body of believers walks down separate paths, some to other ministry, some to sit and watch, others to carry the burden of their bitterness for years, who wins?

When parents say “You can’t stay here anymore” and the child that they love more than life walks out the door into the cold hard world, who wins?

When a jury sends down a verdict, justice is served, but sometime no one wins.There are no winners for mothers with empty arms and men with forever changed futures.

Sometimes we fight battles we never asked to fight. Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of another’s battle, fighting for all we are worth knowing the entire time there will be no winners. We risk and lose more than we wanted, only to find that we have won nothing.

Sometimes, we gain wisdom in the battle and learn that there are battles not worth fighting. We learn when to give up and give in. We learn to forgo for the sake of survival. We learn that last man standing is not always the winner.

When God calls us into the battle, He equips us in a battle that He has already won. We do not fight people, or situations, but Satan and his forces, sometimes around us and sometimes in us in the form of the flesh.

And that’s the difference.

There is no losing with Him. He has already conquered and just calls us to hone our skill in battle. The times I have lost the most has been when I fought the wrong enemy, the wrong battles and with the wrong supplies.

Equip us God. Enable us to see and know when to fight and when to walk away.


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