One of Many

This morning, as you worship, when the music leader lifts his hands or starts to strum his guitar or signals the robed choir behind him to rise, close your eyes and think about the thousands of saints around the world.

This thought first came to me in a  coliseum full of women at a conference in which CeCe Winan, was leading worship. This culmination of 25,000 voices in perfect harmony with no music but perfect pitch left me with cold chills.  I realized at that moment that John  Piper was exactly right, we are created for His glory.  Our greatest joy comes from enjoying Him.

This morning, I think about the fact that in Kenya, believers are dancing in the aisles and forming a train of dancers that move for hours. They will sing/chant for hours about the goodness of a God who gave them just enough food for today while they stand in rags and barefoot on a dirt floor. I think about a little lady, bent over from caring for her family for years. tThis morning she will wave a delicate lace edged hanky and whisper “Thank you Jesus” as she prays for Him to bring home her son who has wandered far from God.  I think about masses meeting in a coliseum led by a band, with Hollywood style lighting and pumped up college kids, who feverishly sing their praises. I think about a middle aged couple sharing a hymnal, she lets his fingers cover hers as they have done every Sunday morning for the last 25 years, in their spot here on the 4th row.  They sing a song that they already know by heart, “……tune my heart to sing Thy praise….” yet they hold the book still so their fingers can touch and she can draw strength from his. Here in this place, where they have raised in children and seen life unfold, with its ups and downs  this church is their home.

In this moment, as voices tell of the goodness of God,  the worship is not in the doing. It is not in the place or the people. It is in the heart of the worshipper.  The place is secondary and I realize that the worship is primary. We are created for His glory, and that brings us much joy, no matter where we worship today.  A true believer, who worships in spirit and in truth will see the Son and their heart will be glad.

So lift your voice high this morning saints. This is what we were created for!


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