You’re not the boss of me

When Big Girl and Little Girl were young, they would play house, babies, school, all sorts of imaginary things that little girls love to do.  Once in a while, when Big Girl would get a little too bossy I would hear Baby Girl yell, “You are not the boss of me.”


And I hear God this morning, gently telling me, “Hey, you are not the boss of me.”

And just maybe I have gotten a little bossy…..

Telling Him where I should be…….

Telling Him how I should serve….

Telling Him my preferences for ministry…………

What I am capable of, what is beneath me, what is too difficult for me……………….

I have sent Him directives and instructions and called it prayer.  I have stipulated and qualified how I will use my gifts.


And finally, He says,” Hey, you are not the boss of me.”

How about I just take what you give me from Your hand? How about I serve where you place me? How about I quit playing God?  How about I start listening instead of trying to order the God of the Universe around?

I’m not the boss of Him, no not at all.



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