No turning back

Sometimes it’s time  to move forward. Sometimes God gently pats us on the back, or in my case, nudges me forward and says. “OK now, it’s time to get going. Stop asking questions and lets just get on with it.”

I pause in the front of the fork in the road, I have been here for quite awhile now. I watch people I love walk on ahead of me. I have sat and waited at the fork. He leaves me to contemplate the choices and tells me…” when you’re ready…”

The path He has pointed out for me to travel is  not what I want, or so I think at first glance.   As I wait on Him to change His mind, I plot and strategize ways to smooth out the road, how to  remove boulders that He has asked me to climb. As I sit and wait everyday I continue asking Him if I can take another path. As I wait, time passes. Days become weeks, and weeks become months.

I realize one day that many days have passed and here I sit, still.  Some have tired of waiting on me and walked ahead.  Others have encouraged me to move on and get started on the narrow road. Perhaps they understood that the fork is actually no road at all, a type of limbo land that leads nowhere.

One day, The Father rises, and comes to sit beside me. He does not gently put His arms around me, instead He gives me a good hard shake. The kind that rattles your teeth and makes tears form  in the corners of your eyes.  In a moment, He  tells me that He is moving on ahead without me and unless I get up, I will sit here forever. He will just let me stay, watching others go by on their paths, but I will just sit and go nowhere.

And in my fear, for there is much fear when The Father shakes you, my friend comes along beside me. She stops and sits beside me at the fork.   We talk of the paths and the I tell her that I am scared to go alone, almost hoping she will come with me. She cannot, for it is my path, but she shares the story of hers.   She has walked her own path. She stood at the fork and stepped out in more fear than faith but still stepped out. Now, her faith is stronger than her fear for she found His supply is never lacking. She has found that the path He chose for her brought her to a spacious place where she can run, where she can stretch out and enjoy the sun on her face.

I tell her about my path, its many difficulties. I even show her the map and all the places that may cause me to fall.  She simply hands me my hiking boots and tells me to lace them up. She knows that The One who has chosen the path has prepared the way.  She knows that I will not be disappointed.

We hug farewell and she sends me on my way with love and hope. Today is the day I will start on the path He has chosen.  Soon I feel the presence of Someone next to me and thinking perhaps my friend has decided to join me I turn but instead see Him. “Oh, I thought you were my friend coming with me.”

” Everyone walks their own path.  She has her own path and it intersected at the forks this morning. I led her right beside you.  She spoke My words and My Spirit flowed through her. She has far to go, let her walk on and we have much to do as well. Your stubbornness has put us behind schedule.  But don’t you worry Child, we are going to arrive right on time.”


One thought on “No turning back

  1. Love it! So true. I’m sure GOD gets tired of my whining and procrastination. If I could , not only see the vision, but also act on the vision, GOD would do the impossible in my life.

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