The Sleep Keeper

When my babies were little babies and began to sleep longer than two or three hours at a time, I would often wake with a start and jump out of bed running to their nursery. I would see their little chest rise and fall but that was not good enough. I had to place my hand and feel the movement of their tiny chest as it rose and fell with their baby breaths.

They were oblivious. Lost in tranquil dreams of milk and lullabies they slept on. They had no idea the dangers that could have taken them from me in an instant. And I would stand there and watch for a while and if I was still not satisfied, I would life them from their crib and hold them close to me while we rocked. When I could feel their warm body next to mine and their milky exhales against my neck, I was at peace.  Carefully depositing them back into their cocoon of a crib, I would tiptoe  back into my big bed with The Mister.  He would roll over in a sleepy fog, pat my leg and ask , “Is she OK?”.  I would assure him she was fine and off we would drift into our own sleep, his a deep sleep and mine a half awake slumber, one ear open for her cries.

Tonight, I cannot go to her  bed and watch her sleep. She is gone. I cannot lay my hand on her back as I have done a thousand times before. She is grown, and gone and glad that her mother will not tiptoe down the hall at 2Am just to peek in on her. Now I have no choice but to trust her to the Father.  I am aware of where she is, but cannot see her, touch her, listen for her breath. I don’t really know if she’s really OK.

How differently The Father watches over me.

Psalms 121…He who watches over you will not slumber nor sleep…The LORD will keep you from all harm, He will watch over your life. He will watch over your comings and goings both now and forevermore……

The Father watches with detailed attention at my every breath.  While a universe is kept in orbit and wars are fought and kings rise and fall, He places His hand on my back while I sleep and smiles.  He will not be content with a report from a guardian angel. He is vigilant in his watch over my every foot step.  In love, He shades me from the scorching sun, the burdens that would be too much, by lifting His right hand and casting a shadow over me as I walk on. I cannot understand how the God of the Universe can watch me in such great detail.  Anxiety melts away when I know that The All Powerful One will guard my every movement. And hers.

It’s a incredible thought to know that He is watching and cares about every detail. We know it in our minds, but some days, like today, we feel it in our souls.


One thought on “The Sleep Keeper

  1. Beautiful! Only a mother knows how true this is. I feel so very special that GOD trusted someone as I to be a mother.

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