Every morning when I get to work, I turn on my computer, go to this web site and change my screen saver to my new daily promise. Because, who doesn’t need a dose of daily promise? Maybe you can get through your day just fine without it, but me? Well, if it were not for my screen saver, I would have lost the small thread of sanity I hang on to for dear life.

Todays promise was from Deuteronomy 28:2:

” My blessings will overtake those who obey Me.”

Maybe you don’t struggle with obedience….but I do. God knew that this very morning I had found it so very hard to obey Him. The struggle is not in what He wants me to do, but not seeing my reward quick enough. Like a spoiled child I want to be rewarded for every time I obey. I often ask Him, ” Did you see what I did, how I obeyed so quickly? Now it’s your turn. Move. Act. Do. ”

Today He whispered to me, ” I do see child, and what you cannot see is the vast blanket of blessings that is poised to cover you. I promise that if you keep obeying, keep walking on this path, trust Me I will not just shower you I will OVERTAKE you with blessings.”

Overtaken…..completely covered like a tsunami wave that sweeps everything in it path, tossing cars and buildings like toys, bending the foundations of the earth.

Overtaken…..like a storm cloud that engulfs the mountain tops and leaves a thick misty fog hanging where snow peaks once stood.

Overtaken…..a sinewy leopard that leaps and with those strong swift legs, crosses the distance between itself and the prey. There is no chance of escape.

Overtaken….the way a mother feels when her child is rescued from the path of an oncoming car. As her arms hold him tight, tears of relief wrack her body and she gives into the waves of emotion that erupt from deep inside.

No, these blessings will not softly kiss our face. No “raindrops of mercy” will tap our shoulders like a soft spring shower.

When God decides to move in response to obedience, it will shake your foundation. It will surround you, drown you, toss you in its waves of goodness like a battered ship in the perfect storm.

When you finally come up for air, find a resting place from the dizzying onslaught of His grace, you will not doubt. He will make it clear where it came from. There are no accidents or coincidences. You have experienced the overtaking of a God who is intent on giving you joy for your obedience. Blessing for trust. There will be no doubt that this promise is one thing the tidal wave of His love did not move.

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