The comfort of trusting

It seems strange that the Creator and Keeper of our souls would over and again remind His people to trust Him. 

As if there is any reason why we would not

As if a mountain of worry could add an inch of life

As if I could make a more informed educated or wise choice  than the Omniscient One.


And yet, I find trusting Someone I cannot see the most difficult thing in this journey.

At times I find myself confused by His plan. I find myself bargaining as if I am in the place to command His attention.

And time and again He gives no answers but yet extends a nail scarred hand for mine.

I grasp it and let my fingers trace a scar that deepens to the center of His hand and in that instant I find something as small as a seed when coupled with the death defying power of The Trusted One, begins to cause an earthquake of power in my soul. I tremble as I feel the mighty shaking of insurmountable obstacles fall away.

And it is then that I realize the power is found in Him. The doubt is found in me and trust is the bridge over the impossible.

Grant it to be so Lord Jesus,

I believe Lord, help my unbelief.

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