Rain Down

The Mister and I sit on the porch. It is the perfect Sunday evening. Supper was good, we are enjoying the last few minutes of daylight and watching it rain. Tonight’s rain is gentle. I can almost follow the drops as they hit the porch rail and the slightest breeze blows just enough to wet our faces in a mist of rain. The breeze brings the scent of some honeysuckle and as I breathe it in The Mister sighs and says ” Nothing like a spring rain.”

I smile and sigh. In the distance we hear the gentle rumble of thunder and Willow whines and jumps into his lap. She wants nothing to do with a hint of storm, scared baby that she is. Just before the day become night, the smallest sliver of light stretches through the clouds and dances on the silvery shine of the hanging drops of rain. Instantly we are rewarded for our patience with a rainbow. Through the shadows it stretches across the sky and despite the gentle fall of rain we receive the promise. It seems fitting that I would find this song making its way to my lips and just now, as the last of the rainbow fades away I begin to sing….


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