When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.
When you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:2

A gentle promise, that He never leaves us, a secure promise, that He will not allow us to drown, and an even more deep promise that He will not allow us to be set afire with Satan’s fiery darts, with the overwhelming explosion of chaos.

Do you see yourself in one of these scenarios?

Maybe today the troubles are manageable. The water laps at your knees and legs, and sometimes we  even think that we have it all under control.  I can tread water today….but I do not have to. He has promised that He is with me. A secure hand  holds mine while I walk through some manageable yet choppy waters.

Maybe today, you feel the waves wash over you. Days of treading water are making your arms and legs dead weight and fatigue settles over you. There in the distance, you see the arch of the wave headed towards you. You will not make it this time. There is nothing in you that can maneuver over the tip of this wave that crests so far above your head the water and sky become one.

And in that instance He lifts you. Just high enough for the wave to wash over you, yet not allowing you to be swept away.  Your feet stay under you and what you think you could not survive, you find is now washing to shore and you are still upright and breathing….somehow.


Maybe today, the trouble ignites around you like a pile of brush The Mister has set to burn. Dry tinder shoots flames up to the thick oak limbs and they burn slow and steady.  This type of trouble does not receded, instead it burns slow and long. The hot coals create an oven of heat that literally burns the surface off of mighty trees which, when combined with the spring breeze, fuels a deep hot fire. It will burn well into the day and even as the evening comes the embers will burn on.

And you must walk through it. But you will not be burned.

“Lord, is there any way I could walk around the fire?”

“No, walk through it, and you will not be burned, not even the soles of your feet as you cross those white-hot embers.”

How can I walk through this hot fiery trial and not expect my flesh to blister and char?  I do not know how, but I have the promise there in Isaiah 43:2.

And I find as I look through the flames that indeed I am not burned. I see others watching me through these flames and they do not understand where I am or how I got there. They tell me how to get out of the fire and even try to douse the flame to help me, but there is no need for them to rescue me.

He will not allow us to leave the fire until we are refined. He will not allow us the slightest blister or singe of hair until He has completed His work.

Don’t tell me how to escape, or think that I have lost my way…I’m in Good Hands.

And somehow, in this season of flood and fire, I am indestructible in His care.



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