Love in her eyes

I remember when I fell in love. The Mister and I were both twenty-one that summer. Practically inseparable. That Saturday morning he was mowing grass and he took a break to sit by me on the picnic table under the grape arbor. He said something that made me laugh and when I looked at his blue eyes, I knew. I was in love.
Years later, he would tell me that is the moment he knew because “I saw love in your eyes.”
Last night, I laid across Big Girls bed and chatted with her about everything, and nothing at all. The conversation turned to Big Boy, and I saw it. Love in her eyes. Framed in flaming hair and there in the depths of those beautiful blue eyes, I saw love. I knew it. When she says his name, when she talks about how he talks to her, the unmistakable look of love. Can a girl like her know what love is all about? Can only nineteen years of life give you enough experience to know love?
I guess it can, because her grandma had already been married for two years at her age. and fifty years later, the love is deeper and stronger than when it first sparkled in those young kids eyes.

The Mister and I were not much  older than her when we decided to walk the road of life together, forever, til death do us part. No regrets. If I knew back under the grape orchard what I know now, I would have run away with him that very day instead of waiting another year. He has been the best thing that ever happened to me….besides Jesus.

I hug her close and bury my face in her red hair and just hold her for a minute. She will be gone very soon. It’s not that I want her to stay. I’m ready for her to fly and she is too. It’s not that I have regrets, I don’t, although everyone wishes they could change things, but I did the best I could and she knows that.
I guess it’s that I know there is someone she loves far more than me now, and that’s the way it should be. I don’t begrudge her that all-encompassing feeling of love. I saw it in her eyes last night.


One thought on “Love in her eyes

  1. Congratulations on taking the next step in this thing called parenthood. It really is worth all the efforts taken over the years. Now comes the beautiful, and yet awesome change about to take place in the life of two parents who have “done their best”. God has some wonderful “new things” to show ya’ll now.

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