I don’t know about tomorrow

When I was a little girl my dad would sing this song and today for some reason I found myself humming it over and over……

I don’t know about tomorrow

I just live from day-to-day

I don’t borrow from its sunshine

For it’s skies may turn to grey..

I don’t worry o’er the future

For I know what Jesus said

And today I’ll walk beside Him

For He knows what is ahead.

Perhaps like me, you grew up in the bastion of a Baptist church and heard these same words sung and even today it’s simple melody takes you back. Perhaps like me, those old songs still play through your mind on a day like today.

I won’t try to figure out where I will worship tomorrow, instead I will hold Baby Girl and The Mister’s hand and sing “You ask me how I know He lives, He lives within my heart.” I will hold The Mister’s big rough hand that envelopes mine and watch him nod as the preacher gives words to prayers. I will not walk ahead but walk right beside you Lord, You know what is ahead.

I will enjoy the ride home from worship and the sun shines bright on my face. The rain is forecasted to start this afternoon, but I won’t worry over that. Right now, God shines His love down on me in the form of a magnificent sun beam through grey cloud. Today’s sun may be tomorrows clouds, but He will be there as surely as He shines on me this warm minute.

I will hug Big Girl and Big Boy as they come through the door. I enjoy his sweet smile and polite “yes Ma’am” and obligatory hug. I squeeze him hard and tell him I am glad he is here. I hug her especially tight. I am so very glad that she is here, with him at my table, under The Mister’s blessing.  I won’t wonder or even let myself think ahead past the joy of this minute, hands clasped, heads bowed, The Mister asking God bless us all, and thanking Him for The Son, The Resurrected One.  We celebrate this day with feasting and laughter and He is here, in the midst as surely as He  was with the disciples 2,000 years ago.

Many things about tomorrow

I don’t seem to understand

But I know Who holds the future

and I know He holds my hand.

There is no point in moving faster than His hand in mine allows. Today, on Easter,  He tells me to look and love every moment of this day of celebration. So many prayers answered in this one day.  I will not try to understand anything past this moment, His hand in mine. It is enough.


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