So what do you do when you get off social media?

…..take a good long look at The Mister while we eat dinner and remember that his sweet smile, with the little upturned lip, is why I fell for him.

……. find new podcasts like ‘Marathon Training Academy” and
“Never Not Knitting” to listen to on the way to work.

…….finally clean out my closet.

…….forget everyone else and their issues and enjoy the spring breeze while I take a walk with Willow.

……Knit a new pair of socks, finally finish my sweater and starting a big ole stack of washcloths.

…..find time to really start working on I Peter, that I have kind of half hearted been studying.

……quit thinking about funny comebacks and witty one liners and just be me.

……use my extra energy that I am now not expending on fretting over comments and replies by idiots to oh, I don’t know, clean out my tupperware cabinet.

…….lose track of what everyone is doing, and not really caring, and feeling peaceful as I stop comparing myself to them.

……smile because no one knows or cares about my business anymore.

……read articles like this one or this oneand this one

……realze that it takes effort to keep friendships, marriages, interaction with our children alive, and oh so worth it.

…….realize that it is actually very easy to let people leave my life with ease.


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