Don’t throw away your confidence

Last night one of my dearest friends in all the earth sent me a text. It was short and sweet…..and spoke volumes to me.

“Heb. 10:35-36”

Don’t throw away your confidence.

At one time it was so dear to you. You placed everything you had in that faith….don’t throw it away now.

You carried your confidence close to your heart among other treasures. It was a rare and precious gem, back when you believed. Don’t throw it away now.

In days when the confidence has lost it’s luster from disappointments, don’t throw it away.

When circumstances¬†remain the same, day after day and you are tired of the asking for change, don’t throw it away, not just yet. Keep asking.

“…it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere”

You can rest today, but you cannot stop. Take your Sabbath rest, but tomorrow you stand and move forward, in faith, in confidence.

When you see the easy way, the broad path, and everything in you whispers, You’ve taken your turn, take the chance to enjoy this life.” Don’t listen. Don’t stop.

It would be neater, simpler, to sit, but persevere for this reason….

“you will receive what He has promised.”

Promises like…
“I will never leave you or forsake you.
“Whoever listens to Me will live in peace and without fear.”
“I have plans to give you a hope and future.”
“Ask anything in My name, and I will do it.”
“Nothing can separate you from My love.”
“Those who overcome will sit with Me on My throne”
“While you wait, I am working on your behalf.”

And what kind of God gives me rich lavish promises in exchange for weak faltering faith?

A God that looks for ways to do good for me, even on the days when I have no idea why He is doing what He is doing.

And so I grip my confidence tightly to my chest. I will not throw it away like yesterday’s newspaper. I am His and He is mine.


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