the one where I constantly assess my feet

Today  I did the first long run I’ve done in a long time. I am running a half in Atlanta next weekend. I figured it was time to quit or commit so I ran with Leah and Leslie this morning. As is my custom, I drank my two cups of coffee, drove over to Leah’s house, then made her dig around her laundry room to find some ear warmers. After she tried to crawl behind her dryer and rescue a fallen pair with a coat hanger, I realized she really is a good friend and that I better wear those things the whole run after all that trouble. Turns out, I was grateful for her kindness because even dripping sweat after 2 miles, my ears managed to stay cold and would have fallen off from frostbite without those fleecy ear warmers.

Have I told you that those girls from Wilkinson county are made out of tougher stuff than me and I am literally terrified at times when I run with them? After braving 6 miles on 441S, (that would be the big highway that runs the length of our great state)I felt pretty much invincible. I reminded Leah and Leslie before we started that my foot has been kind of wonky lately. I let The Mister give me a steroid shot last night in hopes of being able to make it through this long run, and well, he needs the practice in giving injections. (I want to stop here and let you know his delivery was impeccable and I only felt nervous prior to him sticking me because of the weird smile and sparkle in his eye.) I wanted the girls to know what was going on if they saw me stop running and hitch a ride with one of the many trucks that blew past us.

Due to this nagging bout of plantar fasciitis, I was a tad concerned about this long run. Every few hundred yards I would take an assessment of my heel. Was it tightening up? Was it burning? After the first few miles I had to shut my ever assessing mind off and just make myself be. The only way through a long run is to let your mind wander….that and a little Justin Timberlake. So after the first hour ( I told you these Wilkinson County girls don’t play) I decided I was going to make it. I noticed the gorgeous sunrise as the pink streaks lit up the sky and I thought about Cason and her new infatuation with sunrises and sunsets and how I look for her pictures everyday, especially since I seldom see a sunset anymore.

I thought a lot about me and The Mister and where we are and where we are heading, and how thankful I am that God’s master plan looks very different from mine. I asked God for a small hint of what was around the corner for us…He said no.

I thought about Big Girl and Baby Girl, prayed for them and spoke promises over their lives. I thought about all my running buddies and where they would run today, because of course they will not let this beautiful day pass without a run. I thought about how friendships grow and change and bloom.

I thought about how The Mister was going to smile when I made him a lemon pound cake this afternoon.

So when I began mile 10 and saw this:

I didn’t mind, but I did walk. Me and JT brought sexy back all the way up that hill, and the one around the corner that you can’t see.

Thanks for the long run girls, we are going to take Publix Half by storm next weekend….if my heel’s not hurting, that is…

but if it does…..I’m pretty sure you will carry me to the finish.

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