a little sugar

A little sugar goes a long way in making up for a less than stellar night.  The Mister met me at Wendy’s tonight. He was fresh from study group….delving into the depths of nursing math computation. I was finishing up a long, long day full of needy people wanting something from me. Both lost in our mental fatigue, conversation was more of grunts and yawns than meaningful exchanges.

The Mister left and returned to the table with this:


I smile and said “What in the world?”

He smiled and said “Here, help me eat this.”

Somehow the sweet cold cream melts away the frustrations of the day. I forget about computer programs that have confused me all evening. I forget, or at least stop thinking about, patients who need way more than I have to offer.  I stop worrying about the nagging pain in my left heel that reminds me I am 43 not 23, and running should be done by the children. I don’t even think about what me and The Mister will need to study tonight.

For a minute I let a little sugar soothe me and I know that sweeter still is is sharing the good and bad of the day with this man:


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