Lessons learned in 30 days

Accountability is key. If no one knows….no one cares…and I am greatly susceptible to talking myself into…tomorrow.

When one area of my life is particularly stressful or stalled, it is greatly therapeutic to have another part of  life that is achieving  big things.

The closest I find myself to God is when it is just me and Him and a long road stretching out in front of me. Sometimes there are words, and sometimes there are thoughts, but the best is when there is silence. In the silence  broken only by breathing and the rhythm of my feet, that is when I hear Him.

When someone tells me they are praying for me, that they just prayed over me, it is greatly empowering. Thank you seems inadequate, and at the same time praying for others is the best way to become less self focused. Bearing one another’s burdens is a  blessing in this cursed world.

Endorphin high is no joke.

The first week is exciting, the second week begins to feel like a lot of work, the third week is miserable and if you can make it to the fourth week, that is when you get your second wind.

Brooks Glycerin is my new favorite shoe.

There is always a new goal to reach……..and so we  look forward to what new lessons will be learned in the next 70 days.  And so begins my first running streak……..



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