Happiness on a Thursday

1. I go on my daily run. I run before The Mister is up. I hate the cold as it bites my face and hands, but I smile and think of Dannielle. Forever now cold runs will bring her to my mind because she loves them, and me. It makes me happy to run and listen to Mark Driscoll and wave at the horses.

2. Willow sits in my lap while I sip coffee. Her chin rest on my arm and she licks my hand. It’s her way of saying “Good morning Mama, I love you. You’re a good mama.” I scratch her ears. I love this bad ole dog.

3. One of my patients tells me , “You make me miss my Mama. I want to go home.” and starts to cry because she is so sick. I hug her and let her cry while I rub her back.. I fight the urge to take her to my car, drive her to my house and put her in the girls bed after I feed her soup and stuff her full of Advil. I don’t because, well, I can’t but it makes me happy to know I want to.

4. Laughing with Leah when I tell her my über dramatic story of Facebook defriending because she understands, and is just as dramatic. She laughs at me…at us… just as hard as I do. It make me happy to know she is my friend.

5.Smiling at The Mister when he comes by to bring me lunch. I kiss him on the cheek because his mouth is stuffed with Goody Gallery chicken salad sandwich. He smells good and his cheeks are rough with whiskers and as I turn to walk back inside to work, I think of how blessed I am to have him. He belongs to me and that makes me happy.

6.Tonight, I go to work and there is an old friend. His easy-going smile makes me smile. I’ve known him forever it seems. He cares for the same kind of folks I do, the marginalized, the castaways, the addicts. We talk about God and His goodness and then with another dear friend who cares like we do, we proclaim there in the office room, “Well, this is God that has brought us all back together.” And I am happy knowing that God has bigger plans than I can ask or imagine.

7.Driving home I turn the radio up, way up. I sing so loud the stress of the day melts. For just a few minutes I sing perfect harmony with Keith Urban and it’s funny how you remember the words of songs forever. I’m happy as I drive up and see both girls are at home.

Where did you find your nuggets of happiness today? I tell myself as I lay down, “It’s been a good day.” I ask God to help me live outside of myself tomorrow, to look for His goodness in every turn.


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