and one by one her babies leave the nest



Mama Bird knows the day is coming. Carefully she has prepared them and herself for the day when they leave the nest.  But can you ever really be ready?  She fed them, watched over them and gave instruction more than they probably thought they needed.  At first, they could not feed themselves too well, so she carefully fed their hungry mouths, and they ate it up and wanted more.  Soon, they were eating as much as her. They could handle the big stuff now, oh yes, they  now knew what was safe to swallow and what needed to be spit out.

Many times, before they were ready to fly, Mama Bird felt like just flying away herself. This nest was not what it once was. She saw her friends flying, climbing to tops of the trees. She heard their singing and it sounded so free, and she felt so confined, but there were the babies….so she stays and waits.

Daddy Bird doesn’t know much about baby birds, but maybe he knows more than Mama Bird. He circles the nest, making sure Mama is there.  He won’t let her abandon those babies.  Without knowing, he simply does what the Creator tells him.

Then one day, Big Sister Bird flaps her wings and tells Mama Bird, “I think I could fly.” This scares Mama Bird. She knows Big SisterBird cannot stay here forever, she needs to fly, to be free….but what if she never returns? Daddy Bird reminds her, “Let her fly.”  The nest is really crowded, but the truth is it’s time, time for her to fly.

And so that morning Big Sister stands on the edge of the nest and loudly proclaims, “Watch me! I can fly” and indeed she does.  Mama watches her swoop up, then down, then up and hears her giggle as the wind carries her to the next tree over. Mama can still see her and she is proud. She turns and Little Sister is right behind her, “Watch me Mama, See me, I know how to fly just the way God made me to.” And she does, and Mama Bird fights the urge to grab her tail  feathers as she leaps from the nest. But she doesn’t because she knows it’s time. One by one, when they are ready and the time is right she watches them go. They are not sad, it’s a great adventure. They see Mama and ask her to come fly with them, but there are a few more babies that need her. So she waits, until one day the last baby, the one that was a little scared to leave Mama Bird tells her, “I think I’m ready to fly too.” She flies,  no soars and Mama watches as one by one, they have all left the nest.

Sometimes in the morning, she hears their chirping, and knows they are happy in their new nest. She looks around and realizes that the nest is empty. She feels lonely.  She wonders if it’s too late for her and Daddy Bird to build a new nest and so she tells him one fine morning,”Let’s go fly, like we did once a long time ago.”

“Where do you want to fly to?” he asks.

“I don’t know, but we’ll know when we get there.” she answers.

“I’ll think about it”, he says. Mama Bird knows that in the end, he will take her flying, and when he’s ready they too will leave the nest and start over again, because once the  babies have left the nest, their job here is over.

If you don’t understand  the story of Mama Bird and her babies, I can’t explain it to you, and if you do, you are smiling with me.


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