Let us rejoice and be glad

Today as I logged in my 13th day of 3 miles,(for more on that see my Facebook page) I listened to one of my favorite choirs, the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle sing this song, Be Glad. As I listened, I realized God was whispering, “Stephanie, rejoice and be glad.”  And how could I not? So much for which to be glad and rejoice…….

……..The Mister and I spent the weekend studying, and thankful for the opportunity to do it. Hopeful for a new season. Knowing that life as we know it is changing for 2013. And just to keep things light, I use charades and rhymes to help The Mister remember concepts, but mostly I just make him laugh. We laugh as we swing on the porch on a stunning January afternoon.  I am glad and I rejoice.

…….Big Girl is finding her rhythm and although it’s not the beat I hear, she moves in sync to her rhythm and I relax, knowing that one day, God will play the tune she will dance to. He has promised me that. I am glad and rejoice……

…….Baby Girl becomes a great joy and help to me. She does the things in this season I cannot accomplish and she does it far more organized and gently than me. I am glad and rejoice….

…..I run my daily miles and feel myself move back into the groove of a runner with others that make me laugh everyday as we plod on. This morning, I pray over them as I run as I know that they often do the same for me. Today that thought makes me cry. So I cry and run, and tell God He has been far too kind to give me friends that are actually  family. I am bombarded by their love when I ask them to pray. I am glad and rejoice…….

……I find myself in a place I do not choose, and yet on a day like today, I can find His fingerprints even in the hard place. I hear His voice in the quiet of a sanctuary. I sit still and breathe carefully, wanting to feel His hand on me, whispering things meant only for His ears. Today, in worship He is very close. I am glad and rejoice…….

Sing to the Lord

Let us give Him praise

Let us rejoice and be glad!




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