Congrats to The Mister

If you told me many years ago when I first met him, back when he had a head of thick curly hair, that he would become a nurse, I would have laughed. You see, in a nutshell he was not the scholarly type. They say opposites attract and that has never been more true than with him and me. I love a good book by the fire, while he enjoys “The Heat of the Night” reruns, interspersed with channel surfing of a football game and cooking shows.

So for him to dramatically make this turn in life has been, well life changing. From the first class, English 101 with Ms. Waugh, he has given it everything he’s got and shocked himself with not just passing, but really good grades. The kid that floated through school on his likable smile and ability to woo teachers was actually doing this. He has struggled to actually believe that he has gotten this far.

So on Thursday, when he found out that he was accepted in nursing school, there was a reason to celebrate. Tonight we did just that, and on the drive to eat he looked at me, smiled that smile and said, “I cannot believe I am going to nursing school.” I smiled back, but I am not surprised.

He has every making of a good nurse, probably more so than me.
He is compassionate. He sees good in people when I cannot. Elderly love him for his gentle quiet ways.
He is almost always cool under pressure. Never gets ruffled even when I am in full-on freak out mode.

I’m glad he is making a place in my world. It’s gonna be fun to compare our days of patient stories, ridiculous doctors and blood and guts. I’m sure glad that I’m not the one toting a nailgun, and I imagine he’s more happy about that than me.

So here’s to the next year of nonstop work, studying and general chaos. When we come up for air in 12 months, it’s gonna be a whole new life, and Africa will be getting two for one in our retirement.


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