One little word

This morning, by the soft glow of the Christmas lights, and the warm goodness of the first cup of coffee, I picked up where I left off yesterday.

He is able to deal gently with those who are ignorant and are going astray.

Up to this point Paul, in his usual straightforward no-nonsense way has paid tribute to Jesus.  He has written the letter of Hebrews in such a way that you are beginning to really understand the  enormity of how Jesus is our atonement. You almost can hear his frustration with us as he explains in detail the importance of following Christ, the consequences if we turn away. I am envisioning Jesus as the Great High Priest and admittedly feeling guilty about the sheer volume of repentance that He makes for me, when Paul softens and I read the sweetest  words in contrast to the last chapters of admonition.

There in verse 2″……He is able to deal gently…..”

This great High Priest, who sees and covers my sin deals gently with me.

He knows that my sin is sometimes a result of my ignorance…..and mostly from willful rebellion.

He does not slap me or thump me on the head. He does not ridicule my errant thinking aloud for everyone else to hear. He does not point out that we were right here just last week, same place, same sin, same confession and promise to turn.

Instead He deals gently. Perhaps He knows I can’t be trusted, but He loves me anyway. Perhaps he knows I will absolutely destroy the potential He places in my hands, but He loves me anyway.

And for this I love Him.

When He tells me to love others like He does, I know I must deal gently with them. Soften my tone. Explain things again. Hold hands and cry tears with them.

I don’t get very far in my reading this morning, just a small group of words that speak volumes… gently.


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