Turning Point

Today was the turning point. The first day I thought I may actually make it through Dante’s Inferno otherwise known as The Flu. I swear I was lost in the 7th circle of hell on Friday night. The only thing worse than a nighttime fever is waking up drenched in sweat and that moment in time where everything stops as you try to decide “Is this another hot flash? Oh, no it must be a fever because of the excruciating headache and chest spasming cough that is accompanying it.”

Today however was a turning point….I realized I would live. I’m better. No fever, small cough.Thank God for turning points, when you realize you are not done for. Today I realized that as bad as I felt on Friday, it was much better today.

Maybe it was the fact that I spent the whole weekend in the presence of my beloved. First he was my nurse, now my patient. I told him,” This is how that early nurses in pioneer days died, They cared for the cowboy fell in love and then caught the darn fever and died.” The Mister is actually a lot more like John Wayne than any  nurse in the movies, so I assured him just now that he will no doubt survive this plague. John Wayne always survives.

Maybe it was the fact that Baby Girl got her Christmas cookie on and just finished decorating every last sugar cookie on the counter. Her parents, though still weakly and ill, will no doubt be sustained a little longer thanks to the goodness of buttercream icing on Christmas tree sugar cookies.

Maybe it’s because I laid in bed and listened to Matt Chandler on my iPod this morning. He preached about, well I’m not sure,  but I know it was good because he always is, and just for good measure, because it was Sunday, I downloaded and listened to Elevation praise and worship. I felt complete in my worship experience.

Maybe it’s because as sick as The Mister is, I hated to see him struggling to study anatomy alone.  Together we trudged through his last chapter study test material. It’s over urinary and reproductive systems. We had the material for 1,000 laughs, but neither one of us felt  good enough to do more than read the study cards word for word. Probably a good thing……

Maybe it’s because I spent an hour talking to Lynn. I love her. She made me laugh. She told me she wished we were neighbors so we could have  watched movies and laughed all afternoon.  One day, one day we will spend every Sunday afternoon napping on the couch while the boys grill us supper outside and then take us for a ride to Dairy Queen. Won’t we?

Not sure what it was, probably the fact that the flu doesn’t last forever, and so it is with life. The bad days are just one small day in a whole life of days. This too shall pass.


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