Meet my son



When Baby Girl was  about three, I spent and entire year trying to talk The Mister into another baby.  He apparently was quite content being the father of Big Girl and Baby Girl because he told me “next year” would be better. That turned into “next year” and the next until one day I realized I no longer wanted a baby. OK, maybe I wanted a baby to cuddle and snuggle but I no longer was willing to go through the three months of hellish morning sickness I knew were waiting on me. I no longer wanted to govern my life around nap time or ear infections or last-minute babysitter cancellations. I enjoyed finishing an entire meal and having real conversations with the girls. I was ready to move into this new season.

At long last I relinquished my baby making days to the younger generation, I was perfectly content to enjoy this new season of motherhood without yearning for soft snuggly warm bodies or sweet baby breath. Sometimes it’s best to let a season go without pining over it too much.

Enter Ibishimirwe Jean Aime. Isn’t he precious? He  has been sent by God to help fill the void of my never absent-for- long urge to mother someone.  Through Compassion International at a Beth Moore conference, God placed us together. I signed up thinking, “Hey, I can afford $38 a month. Lord knows, I’ve seen first hand the devastation of African children. I understand that it is a struggle just to survive to grow up.”

What I did not know was that I was going to fall in love with this little guy from the first letter he wrote me. With big block letters telling me thanks for my good prayers, he stole me heart.  The Mister had to remind me he had a real family with a flesh and blood mother, in the middle of my plans to solicit enough funds to get to Rwanda and bring him home.  Today his pastor wrote me and the letter ended by saying…”We thank you for your good prayers and sharing your blessings with Ibishimirwe so that we may get more knowledge from the Father and wisdom to do His will.”

No, thank you Pastor Mathias. It is nothing for me, really, nothing. $38 a month can come out of our entertainment budget alone. It’s a couple lattes or a  Buff burger. Don’t thank me. Please, let me thank you for reminding me that…

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.” James 1:27.

Ibish, grow strong and smart. Do good in school. Love Jesus with all your heart. I have a feeling that one of these days me and The Mister will be heading to Rwanda to visit and have tea with you and your Mom and Dad. Until then, I pray for you everyday. You are right there in my prayers, behind Big Girl and Baby Girl, and right before Willow and Ginger.


Your Sponsor Mother

(but I’d much rather you call me Mama Steph)


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