Praying with eyes of faith

Sometimes in your struggles you find pure nuggets of gold within pages of Scripture. Although written generations before you, the promise is yours, through Jesus in which we find our yes and amen.  In those moments it is not enough to ask.  These treasures are not for the timid. Instead, with eyes of faith, you speak The Word and see the promise.


I will pour out my spirit on your offspring, and my blessings on your descendants,

Grant it to be so Lord Jesus. I see my children and grandchildren holding the blessings of God in their sweet hands. I can  see past today’s struggles, beyond ripped jeans and loud music. Beyond eyes that roll and doors that slam. I see my children walking in your peace and with your blessings on their heads. Our blessings are dependant on Your goodness, not ours, and that gives us the eyes of faith to believe and claim those blessings for our children.


They will spring up like grass in the meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams.

And I see two girls laughing and running in a grassy field of His goodness. They are carefree. Their hair blows in the wind of His Spirit and their cheeks glow with the flush of blessings. They are strong in their faith and know the  source of all strength, the stream of Living Word. That is where they set their roots and grow tall. The days of aimless wanderings are over. They know the how and why of their calling. They are determined and fruitful. They have  experienced His overwhelming goodness and are satisfied to walk in His ways.


One will say, I belong to the Lord

And her voice is strong and sure as she declares this. Her blue eyes are set on Him. She has no hesitation. She no longer is concerned with how she appears to others or their opinions of her. She has found her treasure in Him.


still another will write on her hand, “The Lord’s”

There among the bluish-green ink that marks her arms and feet, is the stamp of Himself on her.  Despite the marks of the past, those foolish days of youth, He marks Himself all over her. She belongs to Him. It is a sacred thing.  She cannot outrun or outmark Him.

Praying with eyes of faith sees what will be and believes that God is there, waiting on you. And you will share his goodness in His house forevermore.

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