Love makes it beautiful

bgoShe holds up a gold spray painted seed pod with a plastic red ribbon tied to the top.

“What in the world is this ugly thing?” she asks.

I turn to see a little girl. She is holding that gold spray painted seed pod in her chubby hand.  Her thumb,  fresh from her mouth, dangles the red ribbon between her forefinger and chapped red lips break into a toothless grin. “Mama, this is purty huh? It’s for our tree.”

I blink and a beautiful brown-haired girl stand before me holding the same ornament.  Her same fingers, now perfectly polished, dangle the ribbon and a smirky smile crosses those pink lips.  She smile and rolls her eyes as I launch into a memory lane story that decorating the tree always brings. 

For the last twelve years it has held its own with macaroni Christmas tree ornament and the angel who lost a wing the  first year little hands could reach out to admire glitter.  It has jockyed for position with the styrofoam Santa and the green football player  with “#12 Welch” across his back.  

This year it hangs out with a circa 1975 glittery reminders of Ms. Betty’s tree. As we munch on puppy chow and listen to Christmas tunes I decide that the seed pod needs to be moved further to the front where I can see it’s beauty.  After all, I don’t see a chipped gold paint with an ancient ,dry, cracking seed pod underneath. I see Baby Girl, sucking her thumb and admiring her work of art. Her anticipation for Santa is palpable as she looks over every ornament. It’s beautiful…love makes it so.

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