On this Thanksgiving Sunday

It’s just me and Willow up this Thanksgiving Sunday morning. I sit here and sip coffee and she quietly looks at with  big brown eyes, hoping I will give her a bite of my toast. She hates wheat bread but she forgets that fact every morning and begs for the tiniest bite of what she imagines to be thick juicy steak.

I am tempted to play sick and stay home from church on this cold windy Sunday. I could meet with God by myself while my roast cooks in the crock pot and fills the house with the smell of Sunday dinner goodness.  I offer up this suggestion to Him in hopes that He too finds the idea of meeting me in the warmth of my big recliner with a third cup of coffee appealing.

Silence. Only the sound of Willow crunching on Gravy Train, having given up on her chances at wheat toast. He often answers me in this way. Quietness. Pin dropping silence.  I am the one to determine a yes or no from the stillness.   There is no inherent evil in what I ask. While some would point me directly to the “forsake not the assembling” verse and shake their heads at my reasons for  wanting to stay in this morning, He doesn’t condemn my asking. 

So I ask again and this time, with  second cup of coffee, I find my place in Oswald Chambers classic work and read today’s part, “If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36. Go now, if you have a copy of “Utmost” go read the words for November 18. 

I listen as The Author of the Word  begins to tell me of my freedom. Like flashes of spiritual insight, He plays pictures and thoughts across my mind that do not whisper but shout to me of my freedom. I am free! I am not weighed down by the stranglehold of religion.I am free! I am not held captive by rules and obligation. I am free!

I smile, He never fails to answer when I ask. And in HIs way, He seldom answers in a “yes” or “no” fashion. But His answer comes in the form of reminder of the vast treasure I have in The Son. I am free! Freedom gives me power to do things that are difficult. Freedom allows me to obey a greater law of love. Freedom lets me find worship as a path to adoration whether that be in my warm chair on a cold Sunday morning or in a sanctuary full of people.

I head to the shower and wake up The Mister on my way. Today, on this Thanksgiving morning, I will head to church hand in hand with him. I will sing and try to make my voice blend with his as we tell The Father how worthy He is just because He is. I will listen to a sermon and will head home to eat the roast that is just now beginning to smell oh so delicious. But freedom reminds me that I already had church, alone with a cup of coffee, and the words of John 8:36.

Of all the women in the world, I am most thankful. I have a a God who speaks and freedom that liberates.


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