There’s something more

If I didn’t believe in the after life, the life I’ve yet to see with human eyes but as sure as I see my fingers tap these keys I know it exists, I would NEED to believe there is something more. Sheer survival demands that our hearts are set on a hope that somewhere, out there, beyond the full moon that shines so bright Willow sees to romp across the field at night, beyond the thick cover of clouds hanging low, heavy with rain, as I push  to get home before they spill, is something more.

Days like today ask if there is more. The rise and fall of foolish men calling themselves agents of change demands that there is more.  Angry voices, words that wound, hearts that close plead for there to be more than this.   Disappointments that wrench a hole in your chest where your hope-filled heart once beat require that there be more.  Dreams of what could be now blow aimlessly across the evening wind, like wisps of dust and in their flight to nowhere, they silently demand that there must be more…..

For if there is not more than what this life gives: misery, regrets, blinding disappointments, where would be the point of going on?  Something more means that this light and momentary burden gives way to an ever-increasing weight of eternal glory….the promise comes sure and sweet as tears that slip down and wet the pillow late in the night…there is more….this is not all there is.

The sheer indescribable joy of belonging to The Mister, Big Girl and Baby Girl belonging to us, even for a little while leaves me breathless. That multiplies when I remember there is more, oh so much more.  When I see the miracle in front of me, the new life, the changed mind, the humbled heart that asks for acceptance and forgiveness, I know that this is the beginning of an unending span of goodness that extends beyond what we see.  When I soak up the goodness of a good day, one with friends and laughter, one with a long run that leaves me clear minded and weak legged, a day that brings a good meal followed by coffee and stories and love, I remind myself this is a small, small token of joy that waits. When I stand with arms outstretched, eyes closed and reveling in the beauty of voices together in clear beautiful harmony lifting praise to the One who smiles down….I realize that there is a day in which this feeling of utter adoration will go on, and on, and on……

As if to remind me not to find my greatest joy and comfort in this place, He whispers tonight, “Ahh Child, there is more. I could not tell you for your eyes of flesh cannot see, your small mind cannot fathom, your weak voice is no comparison for what waits for you. Don’t give up just yet, I have so much waiting on you.”

And I know that the greatest treasure, the Son, will forever be my greatest joy. For the Father has given the Son those that He desires, so that we may see His glory. His eternal weight of glory. Beyond what we could ask or imagine. take care not to be too comfortable or too discouraged…there’s someting more……


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