Lunch with Little T

I scan the room searching for her mega watt smile and I see her in the corner. She grins when she spots me and for some crazy reason we both start laughing. With Little T there does not have to be a concrete reason to laugh and her laugh is infectious.  She quickly proclaims that lunch is on her because she is the proud owner of a huge gift certificate to our favorite lunch spot….Metropolis.  We will devour humus and gyros in between laughing and talking a mile a minute.

She begins to tell me the details of her life happenings and I just sit back and smile. She brings warmth to every situation.  We talk about running, kids, and God. She tells me things He has spoken into her heart lately. I smile and cry, not a sad cry, but a happy, hope-infused cry. 

She listens while I tell her about The Girls, The Mister, and secrets that God has whispered to me in the last few days. We stop for a moment between bites of pita loaded with humus and smile. We both hold these God-secrets close to our hearts and we are happy that He speaks to us.  For He does, right down deep in the heart of our soul He writes words of love.

She pays for lunch, I thank her profusely and we head out into the beautiful October afternoon.   I hug her and in my  customary over the top way, I tell her that I love her and that she is a good friend.  She giggles. We both head back to our afternoon of work….me, taking care of sick kids and her, caring for grown men that she must pamper like I do the kids.

I am  better for breaking bread with Little T.  She bounces off in the sunshine and her hair swings behind her.  I get in my car and head across town. I realize I am humming a little tune that always makes me smile…”don’t worry…beeee happy, don’t worry be happy now…”



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