Me and The Mister

Today we celebrate 21 years as man and wife. Amazing to me that he is still here. God knows I’ve given him enough reasons to leave and yet he wakes me up this morning with this:
“Well, 21 years ago I was getting a shower and headed to the church to marry my bride. II walked into the living room and Lynn and Jay were arguing over a bag of chips.”
I laugh and he does too.
We know that making it 21 years depends on friendship not just romance.

Me and The Mister are the best if friends. We don’t just live together, we love being together. As we navigate through life these last few years we often look at each and say , “not many people have what we have.”

People think that they are looking for love that takes your breath away. They think that monologues of undying love is what makes you last longer than the 7.2 years that is now a national statistic.

No, true love is knowing he hates tomatoes and I want my coffee without sugar. True love means we will analyze and study like a tag team for the next A&P test.
True love is him not letting me change my mind when we have laid the law down to the girls. True love is watching Cole Miners Daughter together for the umpteenth time. True love is scratching his back and him reminding me not to run on the main road or I may get hit by a truck.

True love is not spectacular . It doesn’t always dazzle and leave you breathless. But I do know that true love gives without keeping score. True love can read each others mind. True love is a deep sense of security in knowing the other will always be there.

In that deep friendship is where you find the breathless moments. In knowing you can truly trust each other, you find dazzle and sparkle. And when I watch The Mister lead the way up the trail to the waterfall, and he turns to take my hand so I don’t slip, I find myself falling head over heels for this man. He is my love.

I feel dizzy and breathless. He asks if I need to slow down is the hike to steep. I smile and blush. It’s not the hike, it’s him, holding my hand.

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  1. Steven

    So very Sweet!! Happy Anniversary too, we just celebrated 21 yrs last month too! huh?

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