Did you think about the Resurrection this morning?

To be honest I rarely do. Except for that sacred time of year when little girls don ruffles and smocking complete with monograms if their mama is worth her southern salt and early morning sunrise services take our thought to the otherworldly, we seldom sit and think on this history changing event.
In the course of my day, I assault Him with all manner of requests ranging from my precious daughters to helping me remember my car keys. I speak of His power, His all encompassing love and sometimes on mornings like this we talk like old friends as I pound out a morning run in His breathtaking creation.
But resurrection? That is for Easter Sunday. Resurrection is for a funeral sermon. Resurrection thoughts are for those closer to the great divide than me.
This morning as I sip coffee and let the misty rain dot my face and phone screen, I go with Spurgeon to peek into the empty tomb. The great author of old leads me to I Cor. 15:20.
but Christ has indeed risen from
the grave

I sit and think and as my favorite, John Piper calls it, I meditate on it for a moment. My brain examines this concept. I pick it up, turn it over and over in my mind. I let the thought of His power to bring what was dead back to life so that he could bring life to me wash over me. Such love. Such power. All mine. As the Spirit unlocks the door of understanding in my mind, my spirit stirs in me and tears now spill with the early morning mist.
I hear The Mister as he quotes the cranial nerves to himself. He too is partner in this life changing power. I picture my baby girls in my mind. They do not know this morning I have asked the Most Powerful One to protect them. To guide their hearts to Him. He will for He promises to bring all things for our good and His glory.
This morning I think about the resurrection. I do not think of lilies, pastel dresses or chocolate bunnies.
I think of raw, earthmoving power. I think of the core of humanity being set upside down as the evil of death cowers in the corner of a tomb. The unshakeable
Kingdom of God is placed in my hands and the Father says to me”, I can do whatever you ask of me”

Yes, a rainy October morning is the perfect time to contemplate the power of the resurrection


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