Letting Trust stand guard

The flames from the campfire cause the shadows to dance across my face. The warmth makes me relax for just a minute. I know the fire will keep away the wolves that threaten my dear ones .  I am so tired. Rest would be so sweet. If only I could close my eyes for a little while. Suddenly, I hear  snap and it brings me to full attention. I feel the slick smooth metal of my gun under my fingers and I ready myself . Whatever it is will not get close not to them.  They lay sleeping, unaware of the harm that is so close, so threatening. I frown and wonder how will I keep this pace up?  For twenty long years I have kept a constant vigil over them and they stir now. When they wake they will walk and move about and how will I ever keep them from the danger in the night?  It makes me feel panic and tears start to form.

“Hey, go get some rest.” a voice quietly says to me. I jump, realizing I have again let my mind drift from my guard duty. In front of me stands a man dressed in camouflage. He is tall and muscular and I sigh because it makes me feel so small, so unprepared next to him. He carries  weapons not only in his hands, but in the belt that circles his waist.

“Who are you?” before the words that form in my fatigued mind can make it to my mouth, he answers,” My name is Trust. I’ll take over from here so you can get some rest. You look exhausted.”

I let his invitation clear the clouds of weariness from my mind and it sounds so good. To lay down and stretch, to let my body relax and enjoy the warmth of the fire……but what about them? The two of them sleep and I let myself believe that they depend on me to keep them safe. Sometimes the wolves have gotten so close I have seen their glinty eyes and whiney growls. I have fought them off and have the wounds to prove it.

“He sent me because He wants you to rest. The wolves just get bigger and hungrier, and you are so weary from your vigil that you will never be able to fight them off. He can protext them and you have to let me keep watch now.”

” But what if they wake and see that I’m resting? ”

” Ah, well they have no idea that they are even in danger so they could care less about your guard duty. Go enjoy some sleep next to them. I can watch over all three of you at the same time.”

And he looks so strong and capable, and I am so tired that even now my eyes are heavy.  Truth be told, I have not done as good a job as I think. His weapons of war make my homemade booby traps around their beds look childish and not much danger to any hungry wolf. I inspect his guns and grenades and decide that I can’t stand watch anyways, I’m too tired. So I lay my small handgun down at the feet of this soldier of Trust. I stumble towards my bedroll. Before I can lay down and cover my legs with the blanket, I am in blissful twilight sleep. Somewhere in the distance I hear growls of hungry wolves. The night air chills around me. They sounds close, but Trust is on his feet and circling the camp. I did not realize until now that I was no soldier at all, just a target holding a useless weapon. He has all the fire power and I can rest now.


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