french fries, fall leaves and faithfulness

This afternoon, while my two beautiful daughters napped and after The Mister and I reviewed the muscular system for what seems like the hundredth time and he obsessively made me quiz him on the correct spelling of “sternocleidomastoid” we went for a drive.  Sunday afternoon drives are a favorite of ours and even though there was a soft last day of September rain falling it was glorious.

The Mister took us through Eatonton and we were nearly the ony ones in town on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I suppose everyone else had the good sense to be taking a nap or reading or knitting, but not us.  We drove through McDonalds and we split the double cheeseburger value meal.  He got the burger, I got the fries and we took the long way home.  No one knows the back roads of Putnam County better than The Mister and soon we were making our way places like “Texas Chapel Road” and “Pinkerton Road”.  A ride in the country may be the long way home, but if you are luck enough to be our passenger, the ride itself is an event.  I love riding with the Mister because he is never in a rush on a country drive, and he humors me by stopping to watch the deer as they look at us with their big brown eyes. We sit motionless in the car while they flick their tails and finally run off on the other side.

Today, when the rain stopped, he let me roll my window down, and he rolled his down too.  I told him that I was ready for some cool weather and he said , “It’s coming Baby. Won’t be long until it cools off, you can already feel it.”  We watched the tops of trees as we drove down Pinkerton Road and I noticed the very tops are barely starting to turn the lightest yellow.  I smiled and told him, “You can always count on fall.”

In a world such as ours  change begin as soon as you leave the womb.  Change is sometimes the only constant.  Sometimes change is good. It moves you out and forward. It smooths off the rough edges and brings new joys.

Sometimes change leaves you reeling with disappointment , in others and in yourself.  Life teaches you that trusting is risky business.  But today, on a fall afternoon, while the car rolled down a dirt road and The Mister held my hand, God whispered softly in my ear, ” I never change.”

Just like the dependability of those leaves making their way down from high tops, down to fashion a carpet of red and yellow across this Putnam County dirt road, God is faithful.  Just like The Mister, who is the most faithful, stick-with-it, I’m-with-you-for-the-long-haul guy in this world…God is faithful.  Just like that, but so, so much more.

God declares his faithfulness to Himself and us through the beauty of a rainbow. This afternoon, He let the cool September rain on goldish-green leaves remind me that I can trust Him.  In a hundred years, when now-saplings shed their leaves in a flurry of gold and red on Pinkerton road, He will be the same….and I will see Him as He is.

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