These are my people

Last night I partied with my people.  There was food. There was laughter around the table and a beautiful fire pit lit up the night sky. The sangria flowed and so did the memories….good memories.  We celebrated Courtney Hansen…soon to be Sharpe.  She’s our baby. She belongs to all of us and we have mothered her for many years now.  When you are as blessed as I am to spend most your waking hours with people who you really like, even love, you become family.  And just like family, you argue, encourage, cry, laugh together.  Like family, when one of your babies gets hitched, well you let your hair down and party.  I am blessed to  love special people and share my life day in and day out with I love……..

Britt, thank you for hosting the best party I’ve been to in a long time. You make my days happy and on any given morning at student health, you will give me 2,345 reasons to smile. You specialize in all things orthopedic. You have been my partner in crime at CCC and have shared many a made up ailment with me.   You are dear to me and I love you!

Angie is the epitome  of southern grace and style. You have taught me not to wear horizontal stripes, and you know the name of every plant in the state of Georgia, therefore, you knew that clamaris was exactly what I should plant at my mailbox.  I love you for being my quiet friend and for making me double over in laughter when you quietly make an observation that is hysterical. You know more than all of us put together.  When we retire in a few short years together we are going to show these young kids how to party that’s for sure. You know you have to wait for me so we can leave together. Yes, we will party all night long….but you cannot wear those darn high heels! I love you!

Alice is our boss, but has been a very good friend to me. She has seen me at my best….and worst.  She puts up with alot, but knows at the same time she is blessed.  She and I go way back and we both “Remember when….” I love you!

 Leah, my buddy, my year round partner. She can outrun me any day of the week, and that makes me happy. She is the worlds best suture nurse and even let me practice on her leg…now that is love! She listens to my drama and smiles, and gets it. She will text me a verse at any given time and every summer we have worked together has been my Bible study partner.  No one understands the triumph of mile 19 like she does, and she makes me want to be more like Jesus. I love you Leah, almost as much as my coffee.

But the night was all about our baby….Courtney, and her  beau , John that we love almost as much as her…well I would love him as much if he would run a race with us.


Courtney, I love you sweet girl. Haven’t we had fun? I know that  John is the man God made for you and wish for you is this…………

I hope you will be as happy as me and The Mister have been these last 21 years… just gets better all the time…..


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