I could be right, or……

I could be happy.

I could insist that you hear me out and my well-thought out ideals, or…..we could go share a cup of coffee and agree to disagree.

I could talk over you, interrupt you and stubbornly refuse to hear your side, or…..I could remind myself of all the reasons you are my friend, the least of which is not your ability to overlook my irritating traits of self-righteousness.

I could outline the reasons I think my plan is better until your eyes glaze over with boredom or you simply walk away, or……I could listen to you, after all, I don’t have to agree…just listen.  There is a lot of validation in just being heard.

I could sit and swing in the cool fall afternoon with you, and talk about the good times we have had, how ridiculously generous God has been to us, or…I could find myself alone, without a single friend….and right…dead on right.

There’s a lot to be said for being right, but there is just as much, if not more to be said for loving, and being loved. And Brother James says it best of all when he reminds us, “….mercy triumphs over justice.”





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