Love words and love notes

We lay there in bed, still and quiet, not quite asleep no longer wide awake.  The Mister is not breathing his deep rhythmic half snore-half deep breathing so I know that he is still awake.  He sighs and says, “Hey Baby?” and pauses.

This is usually the moment in which he says something sweet,something deep, love words that are easier said when no one sees his face. I wait expectantly, knowing that he is a man of few words, but when they are said they are precious. “Yes?” I say.

” Do you spell xiphoid with an “i” or “y” ?

I smile, and say, “i”.

For this is our new-found love language. This is our journey of team work. He studies and studies and I work and encourage. And it comes together beautifully and makes us stronger somehow.

Yes, afternoons of studying all 206 bones, and their spellings becomes a code language of deeper things.  And this morning, as I rush between patients and listen to countless complaints and examine sore throat and sprained ankles, I receive a love note, in text form from my Love.  It says….

” I made and A. I only misspelled two answers.”

I save the text under my favorites, because no girl every discards a love note from her favorite man.


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