Sunday Morning Praise

This morning, right now,  in a place where there is not time or confines of humanity, endless worship pours forth to the  Lamb. There is no internal arguing. There is no critique of the pastor, his style, his work experience, his wife or kids. There is no evaluation of internal motives. There is no mention of “how we did it back then” or “what I’d really like to see done is….”  No one mentions who showed up and who didn’t. 

In this place of worship,an overwhelming astounding ONE voices echoes the praises of a Savior who is altogether worthy.  The sky is made up of thousands  andthousands of angels.  Four creatures, designed for the worship of the Lamb, create a sense of awe for their Creator. Fashioned in an other world design they draw all attention to the Divine One and together join the angels proclaiming:

Worthy is the lamb who was slain,

to receive power and wealth

and wisdom and strength

and honor and glory praise!

Revelations 5


Their praise goes on and on, beyond the confines of a Sunday morning worship hour. They were created for worship…….but then, so were we.


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