The truth is not always pretty

Sometimes the truth is hideous.  Sometimes the truth is an ugly hunchbacked woman with missing teeth and straggly hair. She pears at you from black rimmed eyes and when she tries to smile, you see the missing teeth and stained ones that remain. Truth doesn’t always dazzle, sometimes she stinks, like three-day old breath, like soured facts that remind us that we are sin soaked, and others, who hurt us are as human too.

But if you take the time to look long and hard into the truth you learn a secret. She is always honest.  She tells you what you may not want to hear, but what you need to know. To grow. To leave choices that are not the best. To walk away from bad situations. To stay when everyone else is jumping off the ship into the waterway they think leads to freedom.  Truth doesn’t seem to mind what you think of her. She stares you dead on in the eyes and tells you exactly the way it is.

There are times truth is as beautiful as a sunset that stretches across the late summer sky, but there are times, learning times, growing times when truth is so ugly you have to turn away and catch your breath.

See, sometimes the truth tells you:

You are not really liked for you, just for what you can do for them.

They love someone else, not you. They won’t change their mind, they will not love you tomorrow or the next day. It’s over.

It’s gonna be hard. This is not easy, and it won’t be tomorrow or the next day. You will struggle for a long time to come.

This diagnosis means that you only have a short time and then you will die and leave people you love, forever.

You gave it all you had and it was not enough. Your hard work was too little, too late. 

Really, no one understands exactly how you feel, and really, there are very few if they do, who care past the cursory smile and nod.

If you are brave enough to look deep into the eyes of truth, past the ugly  features that startle you with their bluntness you see a glimmer in the eyes of truth.  For those who will hear truth out, and look past what stings and hurts into the deepness of her eyes see the glimmer of deep blue pools of deeper truth.

For the honest pain of truth is never to hurt you but to lead you to the ONE in whom truth finds its beginnings and endings. His truth is does not leave you at an ugly ending. He finishes every sentence of stoney cold hard ugly truth with the warmth of Himself…

……but I don’t need you to do anything for Me, I just want to love you.

……but I love you and will never leave you for another.  My love is all-encompassing and he has no idea how to begin to love the way I do.

…….in the struggle you find me and I bring you to a deeper level of knowing me. In that place you will find strength to keep on doing what I called you to do.

….Even as you walk these last steps in the shadow of death, I’ll help you do it well. I’ll keep you from forsaking the faith in your last days.

……Your best was all I wanted, it was enough for me. I don’t define success by numbers or “ministry” or opinions of others. None of that means anything to me. I define how you follow Me.

……If I let you find comfort in others, you will never know peace that holds you at 3AM. You will learn to rely on people who will hurt you for comfort, and they will, but you can tell me everything, and nothing at all, and I understand completely. I’ve got your back, Child.

Dare to look deep into truth, past the things you want to turn away from and you will find TRUTH and LIGHT and NO SHADOW OF TURNING.


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