Happiness project

I am reading this book:


Nothing deep, not theological at all. No cliffhanger or who-done-it, but it has been eye-opening.

What makes you happy?  Can you structure your life to increase your happiness?  If God wishes for us to have joy, but says nothing about happiness, is it wrong to purposefully pursue happiness?

This book tells the story of Gretchen Rubin and her year-long pursuit to analyze her own causes and pursuits of happiness. I find it intriguing.  In trying to maximize happiness in every day, she begins a methodical, structured plan to find those things that bring her a sense of happiness and expound on those experiences. Interestingly,  her goals for happiness centered on relationships and experiences instead of possessions.

She also discovered that the more she focused on living in the moment, enjoying small gifts, the more contented she became in even adverse circumstances.  She actually taught herself to be happy in the middle of less than stellar life events.

It’s worth a read. I am almost through with the book and I have completed a happiness goal list myself. It may surprise you at the things that bring you happiness and what makes you miserable. Although there are nonnegotiables in all our lives,(I have to go grocery shopping or we starve) there are many things I do, practice and think that actually are causing me great irritation. So I inventoried my life and realized that many things I do are habit, not worth my aggravation and are within my power to change or drop.

Enjoy this book from a non-Christian perspective. Don’t expect any overt Biblical truths, but there are some great principles in her writings.  You may find that you are hindering your own happiness.

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