The Sunday afternoon nap

We rest in Him. The greatest Gift Giver gives us the gift of rest on a day that is really His day.  Perhaps He knows that our rest is, in fact, a form of worship, a way of recognizing He is where we find true rest.  We take the directive and after giving Him our praise, for He is Worthy, He gives us rest.

Maybe you have forgotten that Sunday afternoon is the day for all the family to gather round the table, to laugh and tease. To bask in the love of the dear ones, and to lay diets aside to enjoy the rich foods of life.  Or maybe it’s a day for me and The Mister to walk hand in hand to the BBQ restaurant and enjoy lunch, just the two of us.  We talk about our worship. We talk about what God said to us, what we will do to walk in the light. There is no rush on this day of rest……it’s for worship.

Maybe you have forgotten that Sunday  afternoon is the day to put aside work and crawl into bed.  The air is turned down low, and the fan sings a rhythmic tune above you.  The Mister is already snoring and my eyes are heavy from our after lunch ice cream.  I drift into that blissful point of absolute rest.  The place where I lay down anxiety and pick up His rest.  There is no rush, nothing as important as letting my body soak up restoration and let my mind stop…’s for worship.

Maybe you have forgotten that Sunday afternoons are for good books, and walks in the early fall coolness.  It’s for stopping and chatting with the neighbor.  It’s for watching the dog chase squirrels.  There is no point in rushing today…’s for worship.

Have you forgotten that Sunday afternoons are for long talks with the girls about everything….and nothing at all.  It’s for playing cars and trains with your little boys or swinging little ones so high on the swing they touch the sky. There will be now rushing your children…for today is for worship.

It’s for baking a cake, for watching a movie that makes you laugh. It’s for drives in the country and eating an ice cream.  It’s for a long slow jog. It’s for resting from the rhythm of our schedule to free our minds to think on Him.

Sunday afternoon is our gift.   He does not receive our love without returning it a hundredfold.  And so after our short attention span contemplates His wonder for an hour or so… if we could understand the riches of Christ for us, He releases us from our schedules and says ,”Enjoy this day.”

And if it’s a day of worship as He designed, our minds are drawn again to Him. All day we bask in His goodness. We worship Him as we east our ice cream cones, and listen to our children’s laughter. We worship as we nod off into sleep.  We worship when we walk in His creation. 

And we understand why “It is good”


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