run it out

It’s not 13 like my  pals from Wilkinson County did this morning, early before the sun came up. It’s not a race like Little T ran this morning, with people all around and a Tshirt. It was a quiet run by myself.  I needed to run it out.  You know, kind of like crying it out, but a little more productive.

because when I am frustrated that I cannot make people do what I want them to, or circumstances don’t play out like I had planned…….I run it out.

because when I see someones heart break and there’s Not.One.Thing. I can do about it….I run it out.

because when I am tired, and I realize I’ve just got started…..I run it out.

because somedays end up with sunshine on you instead of rain and to celebrate…..I run it out.

because if you don’t use it, you lose it so……I run it out.

because The Mister was making blueberry muffins when I left and I want to eat one…with I run it out.

because in a life that changes, only God and a few other things, like running, never do, so….I run it out.




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