for the love of commas

I am sitting here reading some old posts and realized I have serious issues with commas. They are smattered willy-nilly all over pages, stuck in between adjectives, bravely trying to manage run on sentences.  I am an English teachers nightmare!  Why do you torture your self with grammar mutilation when you stop for a daily dose of Waynes3girls ?

I think the problem is, I write like I speak. Long run-on sentences.  I suppose I interject commas as I would a breath.  And just like I begin sentences with conjunctions like “And” or “But”, I find these inappropriately introducing sentences everywhere. Fragments and endless sentences make my writing seem like a conversation with a friend, over coffee. I’ d much rather do that then speak in a rigid perfect way

Because who really speaks in correct English? How boring we would be! Forgive us Mrs. Waugh ( Wayne’s beloved English teacher from last year) for we have sinned much and committed many grammatical errors in the name of blog posting.

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